Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome & Thank You!

Hello All,

I would like to personally thank you, the reader, for taking time out of your busy day to see what my blog adventures entail.  Part of any successful advertising and marketing approach seems to always point to gaining a greater presence on the Internet.  Case in point, anything free, like this bog, is a great way for myself any many others to share knowledge, insight, advice, and experiences.  The more I can share these nuggets and make them interesting enough to attract readers, the more my presence is felt and folks can see first hand how I approach technology in the business world - without having to sit face-to-face.

This is my very first and official blog for my company, SELECT IT, LLC.  We see our organization as one that speaks truth to technology, without the boring repetitive language, an up front and personal look at why we geeks do what we do and how businesses should and do utilize technology.  Straight from my heart and mind with 17+ years of experience!  I could have tasked someone else to write this monthly feature; however, what better way to know the most important aspects of business technology than from someone who has experienced it first hand and for as long as I've been around?  That said, I don't think anyone else is better equipped than I.

I take my craft and technology very seriously, but because of my personality, this won't be one of those "typical" blogs (in other words - boring!).  On the contrary, my colorful "character" will likely show thru some of the more serious sides and entertain while informing the reader.  That's just me, as my topics are serious in nature, I can't help myself but to inject a little humor to get my point across.  I'll definitely inform the reader, but don't be surprised at my "speak" as I get the point across every month.

So, get subscribed by email, get notified of when I publish new material, and strap in for a fun ride that will shed serious light on the technology world and how all the technology in the world does and does not affect the way we do business today.

As always - Thank you for reading.

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